Aipary Studios, London      30.01.16

Tales Installation

Together with Max Brazier-Jone we joined Tales for their third and final event at Aipary Studios. Tales are a group of Artists and Djs putting together audiovisual events with a dark driven tone. We created a light installation that floated amongst the audience in the backroom. Lit by a sequence of ever changing coloured light, the shapes were pushed and pulled as they faded into and popped out from their surroundings. More events with Tales to come.

Throwing Shade EP      04.03.16

Stress Birefringence image as the album artwork for Throwing Shade’s ‘House Of Silk’ EP, 12” and digital, Ninja Tune release.
An edition of 10 analogue prints were made, and will be slipped into 10 of the records at random!

Tank.tv, London       17.10.15

Tank.tv and Throwing Shade hosted an immersive event showcasing music and video art in London, to coincide with Frieze Art Fair.

SOUND: Deadboy, Throwing Shade, Sim Hutchins, Tribe of Colin, Reverie, Angle Food.
VISION: Boudicca Collins, Jack Sachs, Racheal Crowther, Rachel Nobel, Sophie Rogers, Tom Flynn.

The Silverprint Gallery, London       04.09.15 - 09.10.15

Disrupt, an exhibition put together by Matter Collective, reflected on contemporary analogue photography, pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Showing work alongside Guy Archard and Katie Jolin.

Matter Collective also organised a workshop where people made their own Stress Birefringence slides to be projected in the space.