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Graduated from Photography at the Arts Institute Bournemouth in 2010. Currently living in London.


All works from Stress Birefringence, Oil+Developer and Exploding Grapes are unique analogue photographic prints.

Stress Birefringence is a study of the occurrence in plastic birefringent materials when viewed with polarised light. The ongoing collection of images explores the possible aesthetics of the process whilst developing a dialogue between its transient and physical qualities. The birefringent material is taken to the colour darkroom, enlarged and directly printed onto photographic paper. The manipulation and magnification of light reveal an abstract pallet of colour, texture and form, set in photography's accountability to the real.


Oil+Developer is a series of images made with Max Brazier-Jones. Taking a process I had experimented with previously, Max and I pushed these images in a direction dictated by our combined styles of working and the process itself. Oil+Developer uses the raw ingredients of photography; time in conjunction with photographic chemistry and the choices of the maker. These images capture a moment between the paper turning from white to black; there are textures that faded into blobs whilst shades slowly emerged. In the act of making there is a dual of decisions as the reaction cumulates, as the want for more presses preservation until the final moments of stopping and fix.


Exploding Grapes. A series of images self recorded by the electrical discharge released between the skins of two halves of a grape. The spark created the photographic record while its heat imprinted the paper. "The presence of absence, the mark of life" Yves Klein.